Raising the Attainment of Disadvantaged Youngsters

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What is RADY?

Raising the Attainment of Disadvantaged Youngsters – RADY

This project began in 2012 in Wirral, when Dave Hollomby realised that part of the reason for the persistent gap in attainment between disadvantaged youngsters and their peers was down to target setting.  Schools traditionally use prior attainment data to set targets, nationally disadvantaged youngsters attain lower than their non-disadvantaged peers at the end of KS2, therefore lower targets are set for this group in secondary school.

why we need RADY

The attainment gap remains …

These figures were calculated for Wirral in 2012, we did the same for Staffordshire in 2014 and found a similar pattern. In May 2016 the Minister for Childcare and Education reported on 2015 national outcomes where 37% of disadvantaged youngsters achieved 5 GCSEs including mathematics and English at grade C or above, compared to 65% of other youngsters.

RADY concept

RADY – doing something different

The idea of RADY is to give disadvantaged youngsters an ‘uplifted’ starting point in Year 7 and put them on the same flightpath as their non-disadvantaged peers.  This means that internal tracking data immediately flags up these pupils as underachieving and requires teachers to take action in the classroom to identified and close the knowledge and skills gaps.  This is the RADY concept – and it is a long term project, not a quick fix.

Impact of RADY

There is an rapidly increasing evidence base from schools of the impact of the RADY project in schools.  Here’s just one example of improved outcomes at The de Ferrers Academy, a school with over 2000 students on roll and 30% in receipt of PP funding in Year 7.

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Useful RADY resources

Below are a number of resources we use when introducing the RADY concept to local authorities and schools.  We have found that schools have made most progress improving outcomes for disadvantaged youngsters in Year 7 by having termly coaching to support their work.  Click here for details of this package.

RADY in Wirral

RADY in Wirral

Click here to download and read the original RADY paper from Wirral.

RADY launch in Birmingham

RADY launch in Birmingham

Click here to download the Birmingham launch presentation

Why Year 7?

Why Year 7?

Click here to download and read KS3: the wasted years?

The most able Ofsted report

The most able Ofsted report

Click here to download ‘the most able’ report

RADY schools

There is an ever-growing list of schools who are directly involved in, or regularly attending updates on the RADY project.  In no particular order, here are links to each of those schools.